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Published on décembre 04, 2018

About your markets

 If the market of new cars in some countries such as France (-12.8%) or Germany (-30%) decreased between September 2017 and September 2018, the used car market remains strong with a high demand. Figures from Arval Trading are here to testify with a growth of 13% in its sales of used cars in 2018.

 French buyers are seeking for a recent and high-hand product. Indeed we can see that the market in second hand cars aged of 2 to 4 years is increasing by 7.1% on the same period while vehicles aged of 5 to 6 years are falling by 10.1%. 

 Historical market with a great hunger for French used cars. The country is reexporting a lot to ex URSS countries. 

 Big growth these past years on cars aged of less than 5 years. But this growth slows as Spanigh are seeking for cars under 1 year old, premium used vehicles and as the market is becoming auto sufficient.

 Seeks for old cars with lots of kilometers whether diesel or fuel. It has known this year a growth of 22% in its volume of used cars. 

Big growth. With local taxes on a certain type of cars, the country is demanding for cars that cannot be found inside its market. That is why its demand on importation is strong, mainly on used French cars that are corresponding to its critera.


Source : Arval Trading


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