Arval spreads Arval Active Link

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Published on février 15, 2019

Arval spreads Arval Active Link

Do you know Arval Active Link ? It's a service which includes the telematics technology into the leased cars. This system offers to any company  that leases Arval cars a platform  to follow the vehicle's activity.

Whether the car may be in good shape or needs a reviewing, the company will know it and can, therefore, warn the driver to fix the vehicle. 

The in-vehicle telematics have several advantages. 

It enables to prevent the car from damages as the company knows everything about the it's performance and health, this one is prevented from damages. Moreover, it was proved that drivers who use telematics have less accidents than the others (-15% on average).

Now you may wonder why we are talking about leased cars when your main intererest is to buy used cars. 

As Arval is now spreading telematics to most of its fleet, we may now offer you those same cars that have received the highest attention and have beneficiated of a maintenance right in time, since we sell the cars coming out of their leasing cycle.


Source : Arval


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