Paris Motor Show remains the number 1

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Published on novembre 01, 2018

Paris Motor Show remains the number 1

After 10 days full of shows, visits and purchases, it was time for the Paris Motor Show to close its doors on the 14th of October. It is now time for the brands to make their appraisal. 

With more than 1 million of visitors, the "Mondial de l'Auto" remains the most visited car exhibition of the world. And this has a price for the brands : Until 5 millions euros to pay for a stand. 

But this price was rapidly profitable for some brands such as Renault. The French manufacturer has established a new record at the show with a car sold every 5 minutes !

Some models had great success (Audi Q3, Captur) and even the stock of Ferrari Monza has been emptied (499 models) despite its price of 1.6 million euros.

If the brands can be satisfied of their results, their exhibited cars will need a rest. Indeed, with all the people they see coming in, it was estimated that 10 days on the show makes a car getting older like 10 years.


Source : RTL


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