Used cars take the lead in France

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Published on octobre 25, 2018

Used cars take the lead in France

New cars are not subjects of desire anymore for French people. As their habits change, the market evolves.

French people drive every year less and less kilometers, 100km less in average and as their power of purchase is decreasing while the prices of new cars are skyrocketing (increasing faster than the inflation), second hand cars become their first choice.

The average price for a new car today in France is up to 27,000 euros. It is even higher in Germany with a price higher than 30,000 euros. With new technologies coming on cars to make their prices huge, young adults can't afford new cars as their first car to drive and move to used cars. By the way, consumers of new cars are, for the average, seniors.

With upcoming problems such as parking in big cities, common transports, contamination and increasing prices of gas, people see more more the car as a useful product, more than an object of fantasy. 

Yet, sales of new cars on the French market don't decrease as the demand keeps high for companies, but they are not increasing. Today, in terms of volume, the used car market represents twice more vehicles on the roads.

Source : L'Indépendant


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