About the European Certificate of Origin

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Published on novembre 22, 2018

About the European Certificate of Origin

As you know, the Customs' requirements for European Certificate of Origin are very strict.

The documents must respect international rules both in terms of form and substance. Only a document with a specific wording is complying. The formalism is also very important.

We would like to attract your attention to the fact that some European companies can provide a non complying document for European origin of vehicles. 

Its is important to know that Customs may control the export/import formalities even a few years after the purchasing date of the vehicle. 

As a consequence, if the Customs controls reveal some irregularities, your company will have to pay Customs duties at the rate established in your country and additional penalties may be applied. 

Please also note that it is not the responsability of your Customs agent to verify the compliance of the European Certificate of Origin.



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