Arval Trading Open Auctions : How does it work ?

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Published on avril 18, 2019

Arval Trading Open Auctions : How does it work ?

Whether you are already an Arval Trading partner or you plan to become one, you may know that we offer you 3 different ways to buy our cars : 

Among these three choices, there is one we would like to highlight today.

Open Auctions, made to win

If you want to have access to good deals and keep an eye on your competitors offers, you should probably go for an open auctions. 

Make a bid, and outbid your competitors offers to be the highest bidder at the end of the auction. That's all. You can even specify your maximum bid if you don't have time to stay in front of your computer for the entire auction. 

As a wide range of cars is dedicated to the open auctions, you will always find good deals to make. Moreover Arval Trading guarantees an instant attribution of your prize right after the end of the auction.

Great stock, transparency and a time saver, many reasons why you should start winning your first cars with the Arval Trading Open Auctions ! 


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