Brace your car, winter is coming

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Published on décembre 11, 2018

Brace your car, winter is coming

It is known that two-wheel drive SUVs present lots of advantages. If they look sportier than traditional family hatchbacks, some drivers think they have a greater degree of capability than a normal car on snow and ice.

However, this is not necessarily true and the risk is that these drivers can be tempted to tackle conditions that they would never consider in a normal car. 

"There is very much a gap between the driver's perception of their vehicle and the reality" Head of consulting at Arval, Shaun Sadlier, said. He added "Driving in poor conditions is a very definite skill, and not something to be attempted without the right vehicle and the right training."

To be prepared before winter, Yahoo made a list of the best winter tires for your car. According to their tests, tires such as the Dunlop Winter Maxx WM02 and the Michelin X-Ice Xi3 would be the best if you are going to drive on snowy or icy roads. We can add the Continental WinterContact SI to complete the list. 



Source : BusinessCar

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