Marie-Alice tells you about her job at Arval Trading

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Published on juillet 01, 2017

Marie-Alice tells you about her job at Arval Trading

Hello, my name is Marie-Alice.

I am responsible for managing the Back Office at Arval Trading, along with its five staff members. The back office is the entry and exit point for all documents related to vehicle registration.

When you make a purchase on Motortrade => Motortrade links up with our follow-up software: Atrade. We can see if documents have been received in real time, and whether they are ready to be sent out or have already been sent out.

Since we are in direct contact with our subsidiaries, we can ensure that documents have been received from each country. We respect all legal requirements by making sure to declare our vehicle purchases and sales with the French vehicle registration system.

We provide full service by working with automakers to order your certificates of conformity. We dispatch documents via DHL, which is our only delivery service. This allows us to track our shipments and keep them secure.

Every day in the late afternoon, a delivery person comes around to collect our shipments. Sometimes he needs a very big container to put everything in his van! As a result, our customers receive their registration certificates almost immediately so they can make their sales as quickly as possible.

In 2016, the Back Office:

  • received 28,835 registration certificates
  • and sent out 11,820 DHL shipments

See you soon at Arval Trading!

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