New names for petrol pump labels in EU

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Published on novembre 27, 2018

New names for petrol pump labels in EU

If you're taking the road on this October, you might notice that some gas stations have change the names of their petrol pump labels.

This is indeed following a new rule coming from the EU and taking effect this month. This law was made to standardize the names into the community. 

From now on, Diesel will be identified with the letter "B" followed by a number, 7 or 10, corresponding to the fuel you need (7% biodesel or 10% biodiesel).

Unleaded 95 and 98 will be replaced by the letter "E" and 5 or 10 (E5 / E10).

Synthetic diesel will be named "XTL" and Hydrogen fuel "H2".

However no worry, our good old label names will keep a little place on the pumps, time to make the transition.


Source : The Connexion



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