Save money, buy used cars

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Published on octobre 30, 2018

Save money, buy used cars

A recent report made by the site perfectly shows one of the best reason to choose used cars for your clients instead of new ones : The price. And more than that, the savings they will make in choosing 3 years old cars

The reports says that, in average, buying a 3 y.o used car will make you save $13,339 over the same, but new, model of car. The reason why these recent cars have low prices is that the large supply of cars aged 3 coming off lease is making the prices on the market falling.

Leasing is today ruling the market and the prices of these cars. 

The biggest savings are made on luxuary midsize car, small and large cars. For example, buying a BMW 3 series model will cost you around $22,800 when it's aged 3 while it costs about $48,800 when new. That's a saving of 48% !

That's the moment for you to promote sales on used cars for your clients ! 

Source : CBSnews


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