WLTP : what is it ?

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Published on novembre 20, 2018

WLTP : what is it ?

You may have heard about the WLTP norm which arrived after the "Dieselgate". We know that it is made to avoid cheating on CO2 tests made by manufacturers but how these new tests will be done ?

Firstly, the "Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure" is taking effect to replace the old NEDC  for the reasons we know. From now on and like before, a part of the testing procedure will be made in a laboratory on roller benches. But some things in the procedure are changing : 

  • Temperature at the start : from 14°C (20-30°C before)
  • Process takes 30 minutes (instead of 20 minutes)
  • Average speed is 46,6 km/h (34 km/h before)
  • On 23 kilometers (instead of 11)
  • Maximum speed : 131 km/h (120 km/h a few months ago)

A second part of the test called RDE for "Real-Driving Emissions" takes place outside. 34% of the test will make the car going in a urban zone (60km/h maximum). Another 33% of the time will be spent out of the city (60 to 90km/h). Finally 33% will see the car tested on the highway (90km/h to 145km/h). The RDE will last from 1h30 to 2 hours.


Source : Autoplus


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